Rs 906 crore was found in the accounts of two school children; Villagers run to the banks

While the news of Rs 5 lakh 50 thousand being deposited in a person’s account in Khagaria, Bihar was fresh, a similar incident came to light from a village in Katihar, Bihar. It is learned that Rs 900 crore has been deposited in the accounts of children. The children in whose accounts the money was deposited both go to school and are shocked to see the amount deposited in the account. On the other hand, residents of the village are rushing to ATMs and banks with their passbooks in the hope that crores of rupees may have been deposited in the accounts of school children as well as in their own accounts.

Both the children have accounts in North Bihar Gramin Bank. He expected to get some money under the government scheme to buy school uniforms and pay for the related expenses. So he went with his parents to a public internet center in the village to check. After checking the bank statement there, he was shocked to see that crores of rupees had been deposited in his account. According to NDTV, Rs 6.2 crore was found in the account of Ashish, a 6th standard student. So, Rs 900 crore was deposited in the account of a boy named Guru Charan Vishwas. Meanwhile, the head of the village has confirmed the matter and it is learned that the bank transactions of these children are being investigated.

Katihar District Magistrate Udayan Mishra has reacted to the matter. He said, “I received information yesterday evening that a large amount of money had been deposited in the accounts of two school children. We are investigating. We checked in the bank this morning to find out exactly what this type is. The branch manager said that due to technical difficulties, the same amount was seen in the children’s account. However, the real money was not in their account. I have requested a report from the bank in this regard. ”

Meanwhile, this is the second case in Bihar where money has been deposited in the account. Earlier, Rs 5.5 lakh was deposited in Ranjit Das’s Dakshin Bihar Gramin Bank account. However, the bank officials later came to know that the amount was deposited in the account of this person by mistake. The bank contacted Das and demanded an immediate refund. However, Das, a resident of Bakhtiyar village under Mansi police station, refused to return the money. Despite repeated notices from the bank, Das refused to return the money. Not only that, Das also told the bank officials that he had spent all this money.

“This money was sent to me by Modi,” said the teacher, refusing to return the Rs. Finally

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