Rules for Ganesh Mandals

Only ten activists who took two doses of vaccine participated in Ganesha immersion; The procession is not allowed

Mumbai: With Ganeshotsav just two days away, the Municipal Corporation has now announced rules for domestic and public Ganesh Mandals. As in previous years, a number of restrictions have been maintained and the rule of two doses of vaccine has been included in the rules. Preference should be given to workers who have received two doses of the vaccine.

Public circles are prohibited from holding arrival and immersion processions. Also, it has been strictly forbidden to see Ganesha idols in public. Circles are also required to arrange darshan through online, KBall network, Facebook, social media.

As the third wave of corona is expected, this year’s Ganeshotsav is also in danger. Therefore, public bodies will have to follow many rules while celebrating Ganeshotsav. All the rules that the municipality had imposed on public bodies last year have been implemented this year as well. However, the administration has announced new regulations. This rule will be mandatory for those who bring Ganesh idols home along with public circles. The rule has been maintained that domestic Ganesh idols should not be more than two feet, while idols in public festivals should not be more than four feet.

What are the rules?

  • During Ganeshotsav, it is mandatory to follow the rules of social distance, use of masks, etc. in public places.
  • The arrival of the domestic Ganesha idol should not be in the form of a procession. There should be a maximum of five persons for arrival. Preferably these individuals should have taken both doses of the vaccine.
  • The house idol should preferably be made of metal or marble and should be symbolically immersed in the house itself. If there is a shadow idol, it should be immersed in a bucket at home. If not possible immerse in a nearby artificial pond.
  • Immersion should not be accompanied by a procession. At the time of domestic immersion, all the idols in the building should not be carried together.
  • Aarti and pooja performed at the time of immersion should be done at home.
  • Public circles in the restricted area should do the immersion of Ganapati in the mandapa or postpone it, while the immersion of domestic Ganapatis in the restricted building should be done at home.

Don’t let the immersion vehicle slow down!

At the time of arrival and immersion of public Ganesha idol, there should not be more than 10 workers. These workers must have taken both doses of the vaccine fifteen days ago. Public bodies have also been asked to ensure that the amount of Nirmalya is minimized by using less garlands and flowers. A new condition has also been imposed that the vehicle for immersion should not be driven slowly. It is also forbidden to allow devotees to take darshan and perform pooja during immersion.

173 artificial lakes

This year, the municipality has increased the number of artificial lakes for immersion of Ganesh idols. At present, artificial lakes have been created in 173 places, while there are natural immersion sites in 73 places. Idol collection centers have also been set up under some sections.

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