Sacrifice in congressionalization

The BJP’s central leadership fired five party chief ministers from four states during the year. B. in Karnataka. S. Yeddyurappa, first Trivendra Singh Rawat in Himachal Pradesh, then Tirath Singh Rawat, Sarbananda Sonowal in Assam and Vijay Rupani in Gujarat on Saturday are the fifth! Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh and Manoharlal Khattar in Haryana could also be humiliated. The practice of not allowing the five-year tenure of the Chief Minister to be completed was rooted in the Congress. In Maharashtra, except for Marotrao Kannamwar and Vasantrao Naik, no Congress chief minister has been in office for five years. Congress chief ministers have always ruled the state at the behest of the high command. Babasaheb Bhosale, A. R. Antulay is one of the two names that can be used. In the days of Indira Gandhi, anyone was made the Chief Minister and even removed. If elections are being fought on the souls of party stalwarts, then the question of who is the Chief Minister and why it needs to be given much importance was received from the Congress. Indira, Rajiv and later Sonia Gandhi won the elections for the Congress. Due to strong central leadership, the party’s chief ministers were not valued much. In fact, efforts are being made by the Center to ensure that the state survives. This reflection of the change of Chief Minister during the Congress era now seems to be exactly in the BJP! In the past, the Chief Minister was not changed in the BJP. BJP used to proudly say that people’s leaders are respected. But when power comes to the center, the policies of the party change. It is more effective to change the chief minister than to lose power in the state. The Congress used to change the Chief Minister thinking the same way, the BJP has also started to feel that power in the states is more important. As a result, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani was ousted. Before the Assembly elections in 2016, Anandiben Patel was removed and Rupani was appointed as the Chief Minister. Due to its ineffectiveness, they too have had to step down 14 months before the Gujarat elections. The person holding the post of Chief Minister has to take care that the face of the central leadership of the party does not get scratched; It is as if they have been given so much work to do. But whether it is Patel-Rupani or both Rawat in Himachal, they have not been able to carry out this responsibility properly. Therefore, his chief ministership was removed on the grounds of corona or any other reason. Gaining power at the center is said to be the ‘congressionalization’ of any party, which means that there is a universal centralization of power and authority, only the central leadership decides, that is what is effective. Now it seems that the BJP is moving in the direction of the Congress and Rupani has become another victim on the path of Congressisation.


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