Sahil Khan’s first reaction after being accused of inciting Manoj Patil to commit suicide; Said

Mr. India bodybuilder Manoj Patil has attempted suicide. This time, Manoj Patil also made a serious allegation in his suicide note that actor Sahil Khan had harassed him for several days and incited him to commit suicide. This is the first reaction of actor Sahil Khan after the allegations. “Why did my name appear in the Manoj Patil case? I want to clarify this. I want to present the truth in this case with the evidence, ”said Sahil Khan. Sahil Khan has said that he will reveal the matter at a public press conference today (September 16) at 7.30 pm.

“My name is being taken in the case of Manoj Patil’s attempted suicide. Therefore, I want to put my side in front of everyone now. I am going to tell the truth of this case along with the evidence and the truth behind my name being brought in it. Even after that, if anyone does not agree with my explanation and evidence, then the matter should be thoroughly investigated in a legal way. But, if anyone else is found guilty, he should also be prosecuted, ”said Sahil Khan.

MNS jumps into controversy

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has now jumped into the fray between Manoj Patil and Sahil Khan. “If Sahil Khan does not come to the MNS office on September 20, he will be warned in that manner,” the MNS warned. At the same time, MNS general secretary Sandeep Deshpande and Chitrapat Sena general secretary Ameya Khopkar today assured Manoj Patil’s friends that “bodybuilder Manoj Patil will get justice”.

Harassment and stigma led to suicide

Manoj Patil attempted suicide on Wednesday night (September 15). Manoj Patil has also accused actor Sahil Khan of harassing him for the last several days. He was also accused of sharing the video on his social media. Manoj Patil has said in his suicide note that he is taking the step of suicide due to harassment and notoriety.

Commercial and other disputes as well

Manoj Patil, who is Mr. India, was trying for Mr. Olympia. Sahil Khan also wanted to enter this competition. Due to this, Manoj Patil has accused Sahil Khan of trying his best not to participate in the competition. Apart from this there were commercial as well as other disputes.

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