Sakinaka Rape Case: “We couldn’t do anything beyond speech, this is our defeat”, Chitra Wagh is upset!

The victim of a rape case in Mumbai’s Sakinaka area failed to cope with death today. The woman died while undergoing treatment at Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar. Against this backdrop, angry reactions were coming from all walks of life. BJP women president Chitra Wagh visited the family of the deceased woman at Rajawadi Hospital. After this, Chitra Wagh expressed his feelings in angry words. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra Wagh was emotional. “There was nothing that we did to cause it. We could do nothing but give speeches, make announcements. This is our defeat and this is what I am sad about, ”said Chitra Wagh.

An accused named Mohan Chauhan has been arrested in the rape case that took place in Sakinaka on Friday. The shocking incident of a man inserting a rod into the victim’s genitals was also reported. The police investigation has revealed that the man also stabbed the victim after raping her. The victim was admitted to Rajawadi Hospital. However, she died today during treatment.

“Don’t see the end of women’s endurance!”

After Chitra Wagh visited Rajawadi Hospital today, he reacted angrily and emotionally to the media. “In fact, I am speechless. I have no words to speak on this subject. The monstrous manner in which a woman was tortured. I came to see her. Her gut was literally cut off. A rod was inserted into her genitals. It has to stop somewhere. Now that our words are over, I want to tell the government and the system not to see the end of women’s tolerance in Maharashtra. In the last 8 days, a 13-year-old girl was raped by 14 people and a 6-year-old girl was raped in a rickshaw. Additional Commissioner’s fingers were cut off in Thane. A 17-year-old 7-month-old girl was raped in Amravati this morning. The woman from Sakinaka was battling death. There was nothing that we did to cause it. We could do nothing but make speeches, make announcements. This defeat is ours. And that’s what makes me sad, “she said.

“I’m ashamed to say that.”

“Her mother, her children are sitting there. What was wrong with them? The manner in which this woman was abused is certainly not the work of one man. Her gut was cut to the inside. What do you think must have hurt her? What would she have endured? But this is just a number for this murky government and system. We proudly say that we are Savitri’s Leki. But what are we like about Savitri? We can’t save anyone. We could do nothing but make speeches. How many tahos to blow? Don’t see these tears? I am ashamed to say all this, ”said Chitra Wagh.

Mumbai Rape: Rape victim dies while undergoing treatment in Sakinaka

“Feel a little embarrassed!”

“Yashomati Thakur says that Chitratai should talk about the type of Delhi, talk about the type of Wardha, they do politics. We don’t want to talk What does the government expect? We don’t want to talk And if this is politics, we will do it every day. Feel a little embarrassed. The safety of women was the first issue in your manifesto. Where is the power law? ” This question was raised by Chitra Wagh.

“From day one, this government has been working to give sanctuary to rapists. Crimes are not filed. This government has worked to boost the morale of those perverts, ”Chitra Wagh also alleged.

“If there is Shivaji Maharaj”

As a government, law and order has never been so bad in Maharashtra. If Maharaj was alive today, he would have been pushed away. Chitra Wagh also said that you cannot shirk your responsibility as a government.

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