Sale of recycled edible oil in Mumbai

Dharavi raids by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Mumbai: A raid by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSI) in Dharavi has revealed that rackets selling recycled oil are active in Mumbai. It is suspected that such edible oil is being sold by handcart owners, stall holders and small restaurants and further action will be taken.

As per the rules, food vendors who use 50 liters of oil per day can use edible oil only three times. After its use, it is mandatory to give the oil to companies that make soap or biodiesel for proper disposal. It is mandatory for those who consume less than 50 liters of oil to be careful not to consume this oil. A campaign was launched by FSSI from September 2 to 17 to check the compliance of these rules. The FSSI raided two Dharavi-based companies supplying oil to soap / biodiesel companies, collecting oil from food vendors. Recycled oil was not available at the time. It was revealed that the collected oil was not going to the soap / biodiesel companies. U.S. Given by Methekar.

The answers of the staff-officers present at this place have been recorded. As per the action of FSSI, M / s. Noor to the company, while M / s. The oil used by the KNG company was supplied three times to the soap / biodiesel companies; But this oil does not reach the soap / biodiesel companies. He also said that the FSSI suspected that the accumulated bad oil was being sold to street stall holders, Chinese and handcart owners in Mumbai. These suspicions will now be investigated by the FDA and FSSI.

Why deadly?

Edible oil can be recycled three times. After that the oil is not edible. Consumption of foods containing such oil can be harmful to health. This increases the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Heart disease, hypertension and other ailments are also likely to increase. Therefore, care should be taken while selling food or eating food at restaurants and stalls. The FSSI has appealed to buy food items only from registered food vendors.

Notice to KFC and Burger King

KFC and Burger King pay companies for recycled oil disposal; But the FSSI has also issued notices to KFC and Burger King as those companies are no longer disposing of oil properly. The notice states that oil should be disposed of properly by making changes in its procedures.

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