Sangola: As soon as PWP changed its decision, Bhausaheb Rupanar jumped into Shiv Sena


Bhausaheb Rupanar, annoyed that the candidature received from Shekap was cut at the right time, took the bow of Shiv Sena. He joined Shiv Sena in the presence of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. Bhausaheb Rupanar was announced as the political successor of MLA Ganapatrao Deshmukh from Sangola Assembly constituency. However, PWD activists opposed this and insisted on giving candidature to Ganapatrao Deshmukh’s son. The party then reversed the decision.

Ganapatrao Deshmukh, who has been the MLA of Sangola since the first state election except two elections, had announced his decision not to contest. Then who is his successor? The discussion about this had begun. Dr. Bhausaheb Rupanar and Ganapatrao Deshmukh’s son. Aniket Deshmukh was the two names discussed. Meanwhile, the Shetkari Kamgar Paksha announced the name of Bhausaheb Rupanar ahead of the Assembly elections. However, there was a wave of resentment among the workers. Ganapatrao Deshmukh himself should contest the elections or his son Dr. Aniket Deshmukh should be given the nomination, the activists had demanded.

Bhausaheb Rupanar had started preparations for the elections as his candidature was confirmed by PWD. However, activists put pressure on the party supremo to field Deshmukh’s son. In the end, due to the demands of the workers, the party had to decide to field a candidate. After that, Dr. The party announced the name of Aniket Deshmukh. Annoyed by this, Bhausaheb Rupanar resigned from the party and joined the Shiv Sena. Reaching Mumbai overnight, he entered the Shiv Sena in the presence of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray.

… So activists oppose Rupner-

In the 2014 Assembly elections, Bhausaheb Rupanar’s brother Sanjay Rupanar had filed an independent candidature against MLA Ganapatrao Deshmukh despite PWP. He later withdrew the application. However, PWD activists were wary of this. Activists had opposed Rupanar’s name from the outset, fearing that Bhausaheb Rupaner would think differently.

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