Scam in Modi’s birthday vaccination record?

On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17, a new record was set by vaccinating 2.5 crore people across the country. However, there is a possibility of confusion in these statistics. This is because some errors have come to light in Madhya Pradesh which registered 27 lakh vaccines on that day. Some of these types are amazing. According to NDTV, many have been given vaccination certificates even though they have not been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Ashutosh Sharma, who lives in Bhopal, received a message on his mobile on September 17 at 8 pm. “Vidya Sharmaji, on the same day that India set a new vaccination record on September 17, you were successfully given a second dose of Covishield vaccine,” the message read. Vidya Sharma is the mother of Ashutosh Sharma. But the only problem was that Vidya Sharma had died four months ago due to corona. Ashutosh Sharma was shocked. They have also downloaded and saved the vaccination certificate in the mother’s name.

“I have a mother’s death certificate in one hand and a vaccination certificate in the other. I think there was a lot of pressure on the authorities to increase the number of vaccinations, ”Ashutosh Sharma told NDTV.

On the other hand, a similar message had gone to the mobile of Pinki Verma, a resident of Agar. The message mentioned that Pinky Verma was given a second dose of the vaccine. Pinki Verma, 26, is not as dead as Vidya Sharma, but she was given a dose in Rajasthan. “I received my first dose of the vaccine on June 8. The second dose was supposed to be taken on September 7, but it was not possible due to illness. I think they are doing it on purpose to increase the numbers, ”said Pinky Sharma.


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