Separatist Khalistani groups dominate the United States

Separatist Khalistani groups have gained ground in the United States and are being lured by Pakistan, despite repeated appeals by India that the United States has not shown much interest in preventing anti-India activities, a report said.

“We have studied the actions of the Khalistani and Kashmiri groups,” the Hudson Institute said in a report, “Pakistan Stabilization Playbook – Khalistani Activism in the US.” It shows that they have the support of Pakistan. These groups have links with some terrorist organizations in India and Pakistan. It is having an adverse effect on US foreign policy in Southeast Asia.

Islamist groups and Khalistani groups in Pakistan are now emerging under new names, the report said. The US government has ignored the violence caused by the actions of the Khalistanis, and Britain, Canada and the United States have Khalistani supporters in the West. If the United States does not address Khalistani terrorism, it could have different consequences. It can also be difficult to identify the groups involved in the violence in Punjab. The Hudson Institute said that in the context of national security planning, Palestinian groups in North America should be investigated. Otherwise, anything like the Khalistani movement that emerged in the 1980s could happen.

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