Sharad Pawar’s first reaction to Eknath Shinde’s revolt; He said, “This is Shiv Sena’s …” Sharad Pawar on Eknath Shinde issue scsg 91

After Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde’s revolt against the party, NCP president Sharad Pawar, while giving his first reaction at a press conference in New Delhi, said that the issue could be resolved through discussion. Sharad Pawar has also said that this is an internal issue of Shiv Sena. We are with Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress. The issue of Eknath Shinde is an internal issue of Shiv Sena. I am leaving for Mumbai this evening. Pawar has also expressed the possibility of holding a meeting in Mumbai in the evening.

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Sharad Pawar, who is currently in Delhi on the backdrop of the Presidential elections, held a press conference at around 2 pm today. At this time, he was questioned by the journalists regarding the revolt called by Eknath Shinde. Speaking on the question, Pawar, recalling that such a revolt had taken place before the formation of the Mavia government, replied, “I am sure there will be some way out of this.”

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Later, when reporters asked him if he wanted Eknath Shinde to be the Chief Minister, Sharad Pawar said, “I don’t know if he said he wanted Eknath Shinde to be the Chief Minister. I understand this from you, “he said. Speaking further, Sharad Pawar said that Shiv Sena is responsible for the post of Chief Minister in this government. He said that the post of Deputy Chief Minister is with NCP and other posts are with Congress. While suggesting that Shiv Sena should take a decision regarding the Chief Minister’s post, on the other hand, Pawar has also said that there is no need for change of leadership in the state at present.

In this press conference, Pawar underlined two to three times that he is sure that the way out of the current political dilemma will be found. Speaking about the cross-voting in the Legislative Council, Sharad Pawar replied that it is 50 years of experience to run a government despite cross-voting.

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