Shiv Sena’s involvement in Coastal Road corruption ?, Demand for inquiry through SIT


Has Shiv Sena got involved in this scam by committing financial misappropriation of around Rs.1000 crore during the period of Coastal Road from October 2018 to December 2020? Asking this question, BJP leader MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar has demanded in a press conference today that the Chief Minister should inquire into the whole matter through the SIT. He also expressed confidence that the Chief Minister would immediately take note of his sensitivity.

“One of the most important projects undertaken by the then BJP government to get Mumbaikars out of the traffic jam is the Coastal Road project, which is now plagued by financial malpractice and corruption,” he said. As a result, Mumbaikars will have to bear huge losses like Metro. At first sight, it is seen that a scam of Rs 1,000 crore and more has taken place in this project. The BJP is keeping an eye on this, as there is a possibility of some major involvement in it, so a SIT inquiry should be held immediately, ”MLA Ashish Shelar has written to Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal.

“Is this whole scam done with the consent of the Standing Committee?” When Mumbaikar was locked in the house during the Corona period. So did these scams of Shiv Sena start? We will reveal who got the contract, but first we have to give the answers to all these as Shiv Sena, otherwise we will fight this battle in a legal way, ”said Shelar.

In a press conference held at Bandra West today and in a letter to the commissioner, MLA Ashish Shelar raised several issues and accused Shiv Sena.

Look at this ambitious Coastal Road project in Mumbai!

1) The contractor company has embezzled Rs. 437 crore from the Government of Maharashtra as the stones and materials required for filling in Phase I of Coastal Road were not picked up from the government licensed mines but from other places. Whose hand is behind this?

2) An additional amount of Rs. Why was this loss to the corporation?

3) Why the penalty of about Rs. Is there any conspiracy to get a cut commission by waiving this penalty? Also, we have information that 35,000 bogus rounds were shown, is it true?

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4) Inferior materials supplied by contractors were swept away in the storms. Was the loss recovered from the Municipal Corporation? Why NMC lost Rs 17.86 crore due to literature? Why this Bhurdand Municipality?

Shelar said, “From October 2018 to December 2020, it is seen that Rs. Worst of all, after December 2020, to date, Package 1 alone has used an additional 2.3 million tons of recovery equipment, and it is alleged that most of the above is still being done illegally. If so, the amount of fraud in Package 1 is more than Rs 684 crore and the amount will be more than Rs 1,000 crore due to the illegality of the project as a whole. ”

In view of all these scams, there are complaints of similar malpractices in all the three phases of the project. Does he have any political support in this? Whose blessing has this whole thing started? Where has this money been diverted through corruption by drowning government revenue? Many such questions are being raised on this occasion and these questions should be immediately investigated through SIT, demanded MLA Ashish Shelar.

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