Shocking! Father attempts suicide after poisoning four pregnant girls

A man has tried to commit suicide after drowning his four minor daughters. The shocking incident took place in Poshala village in Rajasthan. It has also come to light that this 30-year-old father gave poison to his daughters before drowning them. A neighbor reported seeing him jumping into the water. Accused Purkha Ram has escaped in this incident. Xiao (9), Noji (7), Hina (3) and one and a half year old Lassi have all died.

According to police, the accused threw all four of his daughters into a 13-foot-deep water tank outside the house and then jumped. His neighbor saw him jumping and reported it to police. All four girls drowned when police arrived at the scene. The girls’ bodies were taken to a nearby hospital and handed over to the family after an autopsy. Purkha Ramla has been admitted to the district hospital and is undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, it is learned that Purkha Ram’s wife died due to corona 5 months ago. He was devastated by the death of his wife. He wanted to marry his sister-in-law so that his daughters could have a mother. But his father-in-law did not approve. Preliminary investigations have revealed that he decided to end himself with the girls.

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