Shocking! The couple was abducted from Delhi, murdered in Madhya Pradesh and dumped in different states

The brutal murder of a couple in Uttar Pradesh has come to light. The two neighbors lived in love with each other, but the family members were opposed to their love. He also tried to persuade the family. But he flatly denied them. So the two decided to run away from home. The girl was a minor. But what happened next is shocking. It has come to light that the couple was abducted from Delhi. He was later killed in Madhya Pradesh. Also, after the body of the girl was dumped in Madhya Pradesh, the body of the boy was dumped in Rajasthan. Police are also investigating the incident. The murder was discovered 42 days after the bodies were found.

According to police, the family first came to know that the couple was in Delhi. He was then taken to Bhind in Madhya Pradesh. He then went to Gwalior from Bhind and killed them on the way. They did not stop at simply killing. The knife struck the genitals. It has come to light that he was killed on the highway leading to Jhashi within the limits of Atri police station. Later, Rajasthan police found the girl’s body in Dholpur area. It was revealed that the girl was strangled using a yellow plastic rope.

On August 5, the body of the youth was found near Bharthari Bridge at Antri in Gwalior. For this, the police enlisted the help of a forensic expert. It revealed that the young man’s genitals had been cut off. However, the body could not be identified. The police were investigating the case. Meanwhile, police from Sirsaganj police station in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, came to Gwalior. The body was later identified as that of 20-year-old Uttam Singh Yadav of Jahangirpur. Police later called the girl’s family for questioning. Police arrested him on suspicion. He later confessed to killing the two.

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