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Home segregation mandatory instead of hotel segregation
MUMBAI: The Municipal Corporation of India (MCII) has directed to give exemption from hotel segregation to citizens entering Mumbai from abroad for less than 14 days only for Ganeshotsav or some other important work. However, in addition to showing the return ticket, these persons must have taken two doses of Corona and it should be clear that they are not coronary in the test done on landing at the airport. These foreign nationals will have to stay at home in isolation and will be re-tested before the return journey and sent abroad.

Ganeshotsav is celebrated on a large scale every year in various parts of Maharashtra including Mumbai and Pune. Ganeshotsav was banned last year due to the increase in the incidence of corona. Now there is a possibility of a third wave of corona, so some restrictions have been imposed on Ganeshotsav again.

Due to the increase in corona infection in some places abroad, restrictions have been imposed on passengers coming to Mumbai from some countries. Accordingly, the RTPCR test has been made mandatory at the airport for all passengers arriving at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai from the UK, Europe, West Asian countries, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

Considering the increased corona infection abroad, these passengers have been made to stay in the hotel for 14 days in isolation. Due to these new rules of the municipality, those coming to Mumbai from abroad for Ganeshotsav or for other important work for 10-12 days have become a big problem.

In view of this, a passenger who has brought two lasmatras from abroad and has not been affected by the RTPCR test at the airport will be allowed to go home. But he will have to show a return ticket to go abroad. Also, during his stay in Mumbai, he will have to live in a house separation.

These passengers will have to undergo RTPCR test at Mumbai Airport again before starting their return journey. He will be allowed to go abroad only if the report of this test is negative. If the report reveals that Corona has suffered a concussion, the passenger will be hospitalized or, subject to conditions, be allowed to remain in isolation at his home, municipal officials said.

If foreign nationals come to Mumbai for less than 14 days, they cannot stay in hotel isolation for 14 days. Therefore, passengers who have taken two doses and a negative corona test at the airport will be allowed to go home, but they will have to stay in isolation. – Suresh Kakani, Additional Municipal Commissioner

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