Six feet is not enough for a corona ban!

One and a half feet, or two meters, is not enough for corona prevention, according to one study. A study has shown that coronavirus spreads through airborne particles, making it more susceptible to confined rooms.

The Sustainable Cities and Societies magazine says that physical or social distance is not enough to prevent corona. The most effective solution is to use a mask. Researchers have considered three factors that contribute to the rapid spread of airborne particles that can spread the corona virus. It needs to be well ventilated. Coronavirus can be excreted while speaking or exhaling. In this, 1 to 10 micrometer particles were studied from the point of view of respiration. Tests were carried out in airtight enclosures with the help of tracer gas. It was found that the corona virus can spread through particles in the phase of 1 to 10 micrometers.

Jane Pei, a student at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States and lead author of the study, said the virus could be spread by riding on airborne particles. We have also done a comparative study of ventilation and physical distance between buildings in terms of virus transmission. When speaking without a mask, the virus particles in a person’s mouth can be spread from one person to another through breathing. Rooms with less ventilation are more likely to spread the virus, said Dongyun Rim, an assistant professor at Penn State.

SARS COV 2 is a type of covid virus ‘Mu’ or C.1.2 virus not found in India. The Delta virus, however, is still a matter of concern for the country, according to the genocide group Insakog. More than a dozen laboratories are working to unravel the genetic sequence of the virus. Unlike the beta virus, the virus has not been studied much.

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