“So I resigned as the Chief Minister”, said Capt. Amarinder Singh because!

Capt Amarinder Singh, the long-serving Chief Minister of Punjab, has resigned today. Political movements in Punjab had gained momentum since morning. After Capt Amarinder Singh was asked by party stalwarts to resign, he took a firm stand and the discussion started in political circles that he would not resign. However, at 4 pm, Amarinder Singh went to Raj Bhavan and submitted his resignation. In the press conference held after this, he also gave hints about his future path.

MLAs summoned to Delhi for third time in two months

After his resignation, Capt Amarinder Singh also spoke at a press conference about his political future. Earlier, however, he also expressed displeasure over the Congress high command. “I spoke to the Congress president this morning. I told him that I was resigning today. This is the third time in the last two months. Three times he called the MLAs in Delhi and held a meeting. I think they suspect me that I could not run the government. I feel humiliated, “said Amarinder Singh.

“Now they think they will make him CM”

Meanwhile, Amarinder Singh expressed his displeasure that the Congress party leaders should make the next Chief Minister after him. “Three times in two months, you called the MLAs to Delhi. So I decided to resign. Now those whom he trusts will be made the Chief Minister. Whatever the reason, the Congress president then took the decision. That’s fine, “he said.

Talk about the political future

Discussions are afoot in Delhi’s political circles that Captain Amarinder Singh will join the BJP after resigning as Chief Minister. Amarinder Singh himself did not make a clear statement on the matter. However, he has made indicative statements about his future political career. “I will always have options for the future. I will decide on that in the future. I have been in politics for 52 years. Out of which I have been the Chief Minister for 9.5 years. I will talk to my colleagues and then take the next decision, ”he said.

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