“So I was attacked; I don’t think the peddler is behind this, it is an act of revenge. “


Kalpita Pimple, Assistant Commissioner, Majivada-Manpada Ward Committee, Thane Municipal Corporation, was attacked with a sharp weapon by a peddler on August 30 while her team was operating in a market in Kasarawadwali. Was broken. The incident, which took place during the day, had caused a stir. Kalpita Pimple is undergoing treatment at Jupiter Hospital. So, today he was discharged from the hospital. When contacted by the media, he said, “I have been attacked for putting a brake on the action I am taking against unauthorized constructions. The hawker has never been so aggressive. The peddler is not behind this attack, ”he said.

Reacting to the media on her way out of the hospital, Kalpita Pimple said, “I would like to thank everyone for saying that I lost two fingers, but when I went to take action. That action was an action against peddlers, so two fingers went. One of the pictures that has been painted somewhere, I want to say, is that we have changed and we have started demolishing unauthorized constructions. You know, I started taking action on unauthorized buildings when I arrived. The media also knows that after that I started taking action against unauthorized peddlers and after that I started taking action against peddlers. If the peddlers wanted to register their protest, then when this incident happened. He would have reacted immediately. They would have attacked my staff. All action was taken. Then when I went there. Got out of my car The attack came four or five minutes later. I do not think so. This is what we are taking action on unauthorized constructions. They must have thought that this action should be stopped somewhere, that is why they carried out this attack, I mean. ”

This is an act of revenge –

Also, “The Chief Minister told me that you will get justice. I know the Chief Minister will definitely give me justice. This spark should not go out anywhere, we will take action, we are there to take action. That is our duty. But I want to say one thing. Today I have suffered personal loss, I have lost two fingers, but if I had lost my life in this, my son would have been orphaned. Would my feelings have gotten sister? Would my mother have had a daughter? Why doesn’t anyone think about it. So in the form of a peddler, please, I want to tell everyone that this is not a form of peddler. The action taken is the opposition to the action taken. So this is an act done out of revenge. But I’m not afraid of that, we’ll come back soon and we’ll do our job. ” Even so, Kalpita Pimple said.

At the same time, “action against peddlers is not new. This is my eleventh year in this field. We always take action on peddlers. The hawker is not so aggressive. This is different from the one that takes action on unauthorized construction. They thought he should take a break somewhere. That is the consequence. But now that I’m back to work, action will begin. ” Even so, he said this time.

Because of all this, I am able to withstand this trauma today –

“Even the Chief Minister of the state has questioned me from day one. Also, Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde has come twice and questioned me. Apart from this, Raj Thackeray, Jitendra Awhad, MLAs and other ministers have also visited me and questioned me. During this time, my family received a lot of support, so my family was able to endure the ordeal. So I thank everyone. Also, the family of my TMC, that is, our Mayor, Municipal Commissioner, all the corporators, all the corporators who came and supported me, all of them have been with me since day one. I would also like to thank all of them for making me feel better. I would also like to thank all the doctors and hospital staff who treated me. They did their best to heal me, and they will only make my condition better. Apart from this, my community members also stood behind me. Most importantly, I also had the support of our president and all my colleagues from the cadre I belong to. Because of all this I am able to bear this trauma today so I also thank them. Most importantly, I would like to thank the media for their support. ” He thanked everyone at the beginning.

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