“Somaiya has taken the job of tarnishing the image by making allegations”; Anil Parba’s reaction after a claim of Rs 100 crore

BJP leader Kirit Somaiya had leveled serious allegations of corruption against state transport minister Anil Parab. Anil Parab had asked Kirit Somaiya to apologize for the allegations within 72 hours. However, even after 72 hours, no reply was received from Kirit Somaiya, so Anil Parab has filed a defamation suit of Rs 100 crore in the Mumbai High Court. Anil Parab has also informed that a legal notice has been sent to Kirit Somaiya. After that, now Anil Parab has commented on the whole matter.

“I have done nothing wrong so I have sought justice in court. I have not undertaken any work of a judge which Kirit Somaiya himself takes and decides. I have appealed to the court. There has been injustice against me so I have asked for Daad where it should have been. Therefore, they should answer this in court now, ”said Anil Parab.

When asked by the media that Kirit Somaiya has also made serious allegations against the Chief Minister, Anil Parab has commented on it. “It simply came to our notice then. Therefore, they have taken up the task of tarnishing the image by making baseless allegations and they are doing so. I am sure that this will prove our innocence, ”said Anil Parab.

The BJP is using initiatives like Marathi Katta to attract Marathi voters. Anil Parab also commented on this. “Everyone has the freedom to choose the path they want to take to win the election. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has been under the control of Shiv Sena for many years. We will carry our works in front of people. People believe that the municipal corporation is safe in the hands of Shiv Sena, ”said Anil Parab.

Somaiya, meanwhile, had alleged that Anil Parab had embezzled crores of rupees with the connivance of officials in transfers and promotions in the transport department. Now Transport Minister Anil Parab has sent a defamation suit worth Rs 100 crore to BJP leader Kirit Somaiya through his lawyer. The notice called for deleting all tweets within 72 hours and for an unconditional apology. However, as he did not apologize, Anil Parab has now filed a petition in the court.


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