Sonu Sood’s problems increased? Evidence of ‘tax evasion’ found in income tax department in third day investigation?

For the third day in a row, the Income Tax Department is inspecting the premises of actor Sonu Sood’s house. Sources said that the Income Tax Department officials have found a large amount of evidence of tax evasion. Evidence of tax evasion is said to have come to light regarding money received from films and private investments. The Sood Charity Foundation’s accounts and financial transactions will also be examined. A press conference is likely to be held by the Income Tax Department this evening.

For the past three days, Income Tax officials have been investigating Sonu Sood’s house. As Sonu Sood’s accountant is not in the city, he could not immediately inform the income tax department. On Wednesday, the Income Tax Department started an investigation at Sonu’s house. The Income Tax Department has investigated six places related to Sonu, which are in Mumbai and Lucknow. Although it is being investigated by the Income Tax Department, it is not a random action but a document verification. According to a PTI report, an investigation is underway into Sonu Sood’s tax evasion. The Income-tax department is also investigating Sonu’s dealings with a property, according to a report in Newsday 18.

Earlier too, Sonu Sood was embroiled in a legal tussle. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has lodged a complaint against him. Sonu was accused of starting a hotel in his six-storey house in Juhu without fulfilling the permits. Sonu Sood had filed a petition against the notice sent by the BCMC in the matter. Sonu Sood has filed a petition in the Supreme Court after the Mumbai High Court rejected her plea. The Income Tax Department is investigating the deal between Sonu Sood and Lucknow Best Real Estate Firm. The agreement is said to have been taken following allegations of tax evasion. This investigation is called a ‘survey’. Apart from this, the ongoing probe into Sonu Sood is also being given a political color. Sonu Sood has recently become a brand ambassador for a Delhi government project.

The first to arrive at Sonu Sood’s office was around 6.30 pm on Wednesday. No documents or other items from his office were seized by authorities. The department has also inspected six other companies related to Sonu Sood. However, the discussion has started on social media that the action taken by the Income Tax Department against Sonu Sood is being carried out with political revenge.

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