Spontaneous response to ‘My Vasundhara Eco-Friendly Domestic Ganeshotsav Competition’

Mumbai: The ‘My Vasundhara Eco-Friendly Domestic Ganeshotsav Competition’ organized by ‘Lok Satta’, ‘Maharashtra Pollution Control Board’ and ‘Department of Environment and Climate Change’ is getting an enthusiastic response. Awareness about climate change and corona infection is seen among Ganesha devotees this year and they have made attractive decorations for their domestic Ganesha idols using eco-friendly materials.

The competition is being held in Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagar and Nagpur divisions. There are departmental awards for this. Since the onset of Corona infection, many Ganesha devotees have started celebrating Ganeshotsav simply by bringing eco-friendly idols. Awareness among the citizens has also increased as they feel the damage caused by pollution. With the ban on environmentally hazardous materials like plastics, thermocol, Ganesha devotees have come up with many ingenious ways of decorating. This competition is organized to promote this creativity.

Planting and caring for at least one tree throughout the year, using cloth bag without using plastic bag in daily life, water management and management by saving every drop of water, avoiding excess electricity, composting by separating wet and dry waste in the house, minimum use of waste materials. And a green lifestyle will be the precursor to a prosperous nature in the future.

To participate

Three to four color photographs for the competition should be sent to the Loksatta office by September 20. Photographs should be taken separately from all three sides. Ganesha idols, makhras, etc. should be clearly visible in it. Photos and information should be sent to [email protected] Photographs received late will not be considered for the competition. Ganesha idols and decorations should also be eco-friendly. Use plastic and thermocol. Each photograph should be accompanied by a short list of the contestant’s name, address, contact number, e-mail ID, and a list of materials used for decoration. The decision of the examiners will be final.


First prize of Rs. 9,999

Second prize of Rs. 6,666

Special prize of Rs

Cash, trophies and certificates to the winners

For more information contact: Loksatta Brand Department, 7th Floor, Mafatlal Center, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Mobile No. 9773154924.

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