State-wide boycott of ‘Asha’ against fraudulent government!


-Sandeep Acharya

During the Corona period, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s ambitious ‘My Family, My Responsibility’ scheme for the control of Corona has been successful. Asha has sounded the trumpet of a statewide boycott against the government’s deception and Asha’s state-level organization has decided not to take any further action on coronation.

Asha Sevikas are the true backbone of Maharashtra’s rural health system. These Asha go to the houses in the villages and collect all kinds of health information and provide it to the health department. They also take care of the health of pregnant women and children. Asha Sevika carries out a total of 78 types of health related activities ranging from informing the sick and mentally ill patients and helping them to go to the hospital. In return, Asha gets Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,000 per month from the health department. In the interim, the central government decided to pay Rs 2,000 to Asha, but after a statewide strike a few months ago, a meeting with Health Minister Rajesh Tope decided to pay Rs 2,000 to Asha and Rs 3,000 to the group promoters.

Apart from this, the Asha Seviks had called off their strike after agreeing to give an increase of Rs 500 as an incentive for corona work. As per the assurance given by the government, it was expected to get this increase from July 1. According to this, the government should give Rs. However, since April 1, Asha Swayamsevak has not been paid her honorarium. A. Patil said.

Committee leaders Shankar and Suman Pujari said that the alliance government had tried to deceive the 72,000 hopefuls and group promoters who risked their lives to go from house to house and collect information about Corona. Even today, Asha Sevika is working in villages for more than eight hours and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had promised to give bicycles to Asha and group promoters. Apart from scooters and bicycles, the government does not even pay for the work done here, said committee leader Shubha Shamim.

The Chief Minister had saluted and paid homage to the work of Asha Sevikans. However, as the government is only betraying hopes, we are currently agitating in the districts, said Shankar Patil and Raju Desale. From now on, thousands of Asha Sevikas will call the Chief Minister’s Varsha residence and Health Minister Rajesh Tope’s residence every day to demand justice. A. Patil has given. It was agreed in the meeting of the Health Minister and the Secretary to increase the honorarium and give one and a half thousand incentive allowance to Asha Sevikas from June 23. Recently, the government has also issued a government order to pay Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000 as honorarium. However, Shankar Patil said that the honorarium has not been paid since April.

He has also given a statement to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Health Minister Rajesh Tope in this regard. However, the Asha Action Committee has decided to impose a statewide boycott on Karona’s works as some governments are not ready to pay the honorarium. The health department has not provided even simple mobiles for filling up and sending Asha volunteer reports. Asha workers who work in Corona risking their lives do not get anything like sanitizers, masks, gloves etc. If the documents show that the health department is giving, then the demand to inquire where it goes. A. Patil has done. Health Minister Tope had also agreed in principle to reserve 50 per cent seats for Asha Seviks in the forthcoming recruitment of health workers. As the government is going on strike for everything including honorarium, Asha Sevika will no longer boycott all work of Corona from vaccination to public awareness. A. Patil said.

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