Status of ‘Special Project’ for redevelopment of Motilal Nagar in Goregaon


Cabinet approval; 33,000 additional homes

Mumbai: The cabinet meeting on Wednesday approved the redevelopment of Motilal Nagar in Goregaon as a special case.

Motilal Nagar 1, 2 and 3 have about 3,700 huts and 1600 huts on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 50 hectares. As there is ample space for redevelopment in this place, about 33,000 additional houses will be available after the rehabilitation of the original residents. Therefore, it was decided to give it the status of ‘Special Project’.

1600 sq.ft. per acre for residential use under this project. Construction area will be approved. However, this 1600 sq. Ft. Out of the construction area, 833.80 sq.ft. The company for the project will have to bear the construction cost for the area exceeding the construction area. Also, for non-residential use, 987 sq.ft. So much construction area will be sanctioned. Or 987 sq. Ft. Out of the construction area 502.83 sq.ft. The company will have to bear the construction cost for the area exceeding the construction area.

According to the High Court order, the project will be completed by MHADA itself. However, as it is not possible for MHADA to implement this project at present, MHADA will have to implement the project indirectly by appointing an organization. Preparations will start with some conditions. He was also approved by the cabinet.

Solar power projects at Mahanirmithi sites

The Cabinet also approved the setting up of solar power projects at various locations in the state. A total of 187 MW solar power plants with a total capacity of 377 MW will be set up at various places in Vidarbha on the vacant land of various thermal power projects of Mahanirmiti including Osmanabad and Latur.

Dissatisfied with power outages

Amid concerns over rising arrears of power companies, the cabinet meeting opposed cutting off power connections to arrears of agricultural pumps. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has convened a meeting on Tuesday to review the management of power companies.

Subhash Desai opposes hiring private developers

It is understood that Industry Minister Subhash Desai has demanded in the cabinet meeting that the redevelopment of MHADA settlements at Motilal Nagar in Goregaon be done through private developers. It is understood that Desai clarified that a private developer should not be appointed while developing Motilal Nagar considering the development experience of Patra Chali.

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