Streams of sweat in the AC locale; Passenger harassment due to poor air conditioning

The air-conditioning system in the fourth compartment of the fast train from Kalyan to Mumbai CSMT at 8.57 am has broken down for the last several days. This degraded plant does not cool the air in the box. Passengers are being harassed due to the closed coach and the crowd in it. Passengers are demanding that the air-conditioning plant be repaired and put in good condition.

Passengers have complained about this many times on the service contact number of ‘AC’ local. However, the damaged plant is not being repaired, said Tushar Sathe, a passenger from Dombivali who was traveling on the train. Passengers are raising questions as to how the workers do not notice the breakdown in the AC after going to the local workshop.

At 8.57 am, a fast ‘AC’ local departs from Kalyan railway station towards Mumbai. This train arrives at Dombivli railway station at 8.59 am. The reduction in ticket prices for these locals has led to an increase in congestion in AC locals. Passengers said that if the AC system in the locomotive was switched off or malfunctioned, it would create a congested atmosphere in the compartment and the passengers would suffocate.

The air conditioning system in the fourth coach of the 8.57 ‘AC’ locomotive towards Mumbai has been out of order for the last few days. Only air blower starts from this plant. It is of no use in cooling the air in the box. Only the sound of air blowing from this plant keeps coming in the box. Dombivali, Thane, Ghatkopar railway stations, this coach is full of passengers. Closed box, the atmosphere in the box is not cold. Passengers said that due to increasing congestion, passengers were suffocated. Passengers sweat profusely till they reach Mumbai CSMT. Passengers travel through this locomotive at increased ticket prices. The railway administration should keep this in mind and repair the faulty air conditioning plant in this coach. Passengers have demanded that if any complaint has been lodged with the service contact number of Central Railway regarding AC local, it should be taken seriously.

For more information, contact Shivaji Sutar, Chief Public Relations Officer, Central Railway. He informs the concerned about the breakdown of the air conditioning system in the ‘AC’ locale. It looks like it will be in good condition.

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