Successful 130 day battle with Corona; Discharge from the hospital

A man from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh has had a long-running feud with Corona. Vishwas Saini has been discharged from the hospital 130 days after he tested positive for corona. On April 28, Saini’s report on Corona was positive. After that, he was treated at home for the first few days. However, he was later admitted to the hospital due to ill health. Saini was also on the ventilator for almost a month. Was. Thereafter, they were placed on oxygen support for further treatment. Now, after 130 days, he has returned home from the hospital. Anyway, at some point they will need oxygen support.

Dr. Vishwas Saini was treated. M. C. Saini says, “When Vishwas Saini was brought to the hospital, his condition was so bad that we did not expect any positive results. But Saini’s willingness to live and seek treatment has made it all possible. Saini was kept on ventilator support for about a month. They were then treated by placing them on oxygen support. At the same time, they will still need oxygen at home for some time. ”

Saini said, there was a time like this…!

Vishwas Saini, who reached home after 130 days of recovery from Corona, has also expressed his feelings this time. Vishwas Saini said that this is a very comforting thing. I am back home with my family after 130 days. There was a time when I was scared. I was watching people die because of Corona. But my doctor boosted my morale. I was told to focus on healing. Thanks to the doctor’s treatment and family blessings, I am back with my loved ones today. ”

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