Suspected of hunting a bird by a police constable

MUMBAI: A photo of a man in a police uniform hunting a bird has surfaced on social media as the forest department tries to curb poaching. It is a legal offense to protect wildlife such as birds, wild animals, etc. from wetlands under various laws.

If any information about animal hunting is being spread on social media, the members of ‘Amma K Ar Foundation Pos Mumbai’ are keeping an eye on it. Members of the organization found a photograph of a person. He has a gun in one hand and a bird in the other. Two photographs of the same person in police uniform have also been circulated. Along with the photographs, the name of the person and the text of the person hunting animals at Shirki-Pen. The bird seen in the photograph is found on the wetland. Honorary Wildlife Ranger Sunish Subramaniam has written a letter to the Forest Department regarding this type.

The policeman in the photo has not been traced. If he is in Naigaon police station, the case will be handed over to Thane forest department ‘, said Deputy Forest Conservator Ashish Thackeray. ‘Once the policeman in the photo is found, he will be called in for questioning. It will be clear at the end of the inquiry where exactly the incident took place ‘, said Forest Range Officer Ku Ladeep Patkar.

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