Taliban soldiers seen playing with animals at the Kabul Zoo

One cannot imagine what the picture will be like in any city in Afghanistan now that the Taliban have taken control. Months have passed since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan and the situation is returning to normal. However, on the streets here, you will find Taliban soldiers carrying AK-47 and M16 assault rifles. There are many Taliban soldiers from rural areas who have come to the city for the first time since the capture of Kabul. Some of these Taliban have been assigned to monitor zoos in Kabul.

Taliban militants carrying AK-47 and M16 assault rifles at the Kabul Zoo are seen mingling with families visiting. The zoo and the city is a new experience for many young Taliban soldiers in rural Afghanistan. People who come here sit and watch a shade, enjoy ice cream and pomegranates. Meanwhile, gunmen in charge of surveillance are entering Taliban hideouts of lions, leopards, camels, wolves, ostriches and monkeys.

After years of fighting in rural areas, the Taliban have seized the capital, Kabul. This is the first time the Taliban have seen such a large city. So they are seen taking selfies at the Taliban zoo and posing for group photos. Hundreds of armed Taliban soldiers take to the streets after Friday prayers. Many of them walk out without weapons and even without traditional hats, turbans, shawls. Eye makeup has made some Taliban popular among Afghans.

Abdul Qadir, a 40-year-old Taliban member, now works for the Interior Ministry. He says, “After I come here, I go for sightseeing with my male friends. I love animals, especially those found in our country. The lion is my favorite animal, ”he says. Asked about carrying weapons, he said, “The Taliban believe that guns should not be used at events so that children or women are not intimidated.”

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