Taliban supporter Imran Khan’s U-turn; Appreciating Biden’s decision, he said:

Pakistan’s Imran Khan, who has repeatedly backed the Taliban since the Taliban established his dominance in Afghanistan, has also consistently sided with the Taliban. Even ministers in his cabinet are speaking out in support of the Taliban. However, now Imran Khan has distanced himself from his role and lauded the important decision of US President Joe Biden.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has praised US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, saying it was a “sensible step”. He also said that Biden was being criticized unfairly. Khan told a Russian news channel on September 17 that “President Biden has been subjected to unjustified criticism and what he has done is the most sensible thing he has done.”

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has praised Biden, a month after the United States said it expected Pakistan to end the chaos in Afghanistan. Speaking to reporters in Islamabad in early August, before Kabul fell to the Taliban, Khan said the country had been in turmoil for the past 20 years due to Pakistan’s continued use of military means. However, no solution was found.

Khan had repeatedly criticized Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghan territory. In an interview with the New York Times in late June, he blamed Pakistan’s withdrawal on US troops for the decline. “We have lost control of the Taliban since the United States set a withdrawal date,” Khan said.

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