“Tamil is the language of God; Reason… ”; Opinion recorded by the Madras High Court

The Madras High Court has ruled in favor of the Tamil language. Saying that Tamil is the language of God, he said that there is no problem in worshiping God in temples across the country through Tamil hymns composed by saints. The court also said that every language spoken by the people is the language of God. A bench of justices N Kirubakaran and B Pugalendhi passed the order. It is believed that only Sanskrit is the language of God. Different countries and religions have different beliefs. Places of worship also differ according to culture and religion. The local language is used in that place for works related to God. But in our country Sanskrit is believed to be the language of God and no other language is equal to it. Sanskrit is an ancient language in which many literatures have been composed. It is also believed that God hears prayers after reciting Sanskrit Vedas, ”the bench said.

A petition was filed in a temple in Karur district of the state seeking directions to government officials to worship God with the recitation of Tirumuraikal, Tamil mantras and Saint Amravati Atarangarai Karur. The court has recorded its opinion during the hearing. “Languages ​​have existed for centuries. Knowledge has been passed down from one generation to the next. Therefore, the existing language can be improved and no language can be created, ”the bench said.

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“The petitioners had requested the recitation of Tamil verses in a particular temple. However, this does not apply only to one temple. The psalms should be recited in temples across the country, ”the bench said. The DMK and AIADMK parties have been insisting on the use of Tamil in all areas of the state since 1967. If Tamil psalms cannot be used in a temple in Tamil Nadu, it cannot be used anywhere else, the bench said.

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