Termination of conditions in the tender of ‘Thief Vehicles’

Differences in terms of city and western suburbs

Prasad Raokar

MUMBAI: Two separate tenders have been issued for the supply of anti-encroachment vehicles (stolen vehicles) used to transport confiscated materials while cracking down on peddlers encroaching on sidewalks and roads in the city and western suburbs. This is likely to end the competition in the tender process.

It has been alleged that the terms were fixed with certain contractors in mind and some congregations are preparing to take the matter to court. As a result, there are signs that the supply of stolen vehicles is being disrupted, which will lead to a spate of unauthorized peddlers.

Action is taken by the encroachment elimination department of the municipality against the peddlers who spread the stones by encroaching on the roads and sidewalks. Materials seized during the operation are loaded in a stolen vehicle and deposited in the municipal warehouse. These vehicles are of a special type and it is understood that these vehicles are currently available only to four contractors.

Differences have been observed in the terms of separate tenders issued for the city and the western suburbs. Tenders have been issued for the supply of 27 encroachment removal vehicles (thieves) and nine heavy vehicles if required. The estimated cost for 16 thousand 848 rounds of 27 stolen vehicles for two years is around Rs 4 crore 88 lakh 7 thousand. For the western suburbs, tenders have been invited for the supply of 28 vehicles for 17 thousand 528 shifts for two years. An estimated cost of Rs 4 crore 71 lakh 15 thousand 264 has been mentioned in the tender.

Signs of competition in the tender process coming to an end

Thieves vehicles available in urban areas must be on or after January 1, 2019. Also, experience is required in providing heavy vehicles and experience in providing vehicles. The tenders issued for the western suburbs stipulate that the vehicles should be supplied as per the RTO rules, as well as experience in public transport. Different conditions have been laid down for the supply of the same type of vehicle in two different sections, thus signaling the end of competition in the tender process.

Possibility of slowing down the action

In the tenders issued a few years back, the municipality had stipulated the availability of four-year-old vehicles. Now suddenly the condition of making vehicles available from two years ago has been imposed. Basically these specific types of vehicles are owned by certain companies. Most of the contractors have now been eliminated from the competition due to the condition of two year old vehicles. There is also a growing demand for public transport experience for the city, as well as for the western suburbs.


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