Terrorism will increase in Southeast Asia as Taliban seize power!

Singapore’s ministers claim

With the Taliban seizing power in war-torn Afghanistan, radical terrorists will now be trained in the area and everyone in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, is at risk, said Singapore’s Law and Home Affairs Minister K.S. Expressed by Shanmugam.

He said Afghanistan was now under the control of the former Taliban. This will give a free rein to terrorists in Southeast Asia and pose a threat to all countries, including Singapore. He told the News Asia channel that where the terrorists have the courage to go out and commit horrific acts, the answer is that some countries are giving them asylum. The safe havens for ISIS and Al Qaeda have led to previous terrorist attacks. These terrorists also received weapons and training. That is why this terrorism is becoming dangerous. Now it is going to be repeated. Everyone, including me, fears that the attacks will continue as they did in the past. That is why the threat of terrorism has increased in this area. Many security agencies are concerned. On Singapore’s security, he said it was important to review and take action on a day-to-day basis. There is no doubt that terrorism is on the rise. The Internal Security Act was enacted in Singapore. At that time, there was an attack in the United States on September 11, 2001, and 36 people arrested by the authorities were members of the Jemaah Islamia terrorist network in Singapore.

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