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Although the swimming pool at Lokmanya Nagar has been renamed after a lapse of two and a half years, the sports department of the Municipal Corporation has started the process of handing over the pool to a private entity. This is a sign that the swimming pool will start in the next 2-3 months and this pool will benefit the citizens of the area and the swimmers.

A swimming pool has been constructed in Lokmanya Nagar area two and a half years ago and the figure developer has constructed this swimming pool and handed it over to the municipality. It was inaugurated with a bang on the eve of Assembly elections. Late. It has been named as Ramchandra Thakur Swimming Pool. The municipality did not issue a tender for the operation of the swimming pool. Still, for five hundred rupees, he was admitted to the swimming pool for practice. Although two and a half years have passed since the naming of the lake, it has not been opened to the public.

In this context, MNS division president Sandeep Pachange called on Thane Municipal Commissioner Dr. The statement was given to Vipin Sharma. At that time, it was clarified by the Municipal Corporation that the swimming pool would be started after two months. The sports department of the corporation has decided to give this lake to a private organization through the method of expression interest dekar and this lake will be given to the organization to run for five years. The private body will start the swimming pool in 2 to 3 months after completing all the procedures. The swimming pool department did not have adequate manpower and financial provision for maintenance. If this swimming pool is started, citizens and swimmers will avoid the roundabout of Thane Municipal Corporation’s Marotrao Shinde and Rama Salvi swimming pool.

Many objects are simply unveiled. After that, a large series of these structures falling into the dust can be seen in the Vartaknagar area. Therefore, as soon as these structures are unveiled, they should be opened for the citizens. So that citizens can use it. The swimming pool is expected to be open to the public after the monsoons. – Sandeep Pachange, Head of Department, MNS

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