… That harmony is not seen today, now the language is used to make a fuss – Sharad Pawar

NCP President Sharad Pawar inaugurated the Mrinalatai Gore Hall today. Industry Minister Subhash Desai and Baba Adhav were present as the chief guests at the event. The event was organized by Keshav Gore Smarak Trust. “Mrinaltai Gore Dalan, Artistic Discovery of Struggle” was mentioned on the program.

Speaking on the occasion, Sharad Pawar reminisced about Mrinalatai Gore. Many contributed immensely to the public life of Maharashtra. Some of them are remembered by all of us, but the name of Mrinalatai will not remain in it. ” That is what Sharad Pawar said.

Also, when Mrinalatai was in the White House, there were many disputes but it was in the interest of the state. We used to see harmony, we don’t see that harmony today. Now the language is used to make a mess. ” This is also what Sharad Pawar said this time.

Industry Minister Subhash Desai said, “It is indeed a happy occasion for all of us to have a Mrinaltai gallery starting today. Due to this gallery, a little glimpse can be seen in this gallery, even if we don’t say who Mrinalatai Gore was and what her work was. In fact, it is a big challenge to put the whole life of Mrinalatai in such a hall. It’s like holding a lightning bolt in the sky, but they all tried. Mrinaltai’s method of work was very different. His work had an impact on all ideological activists of the time. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that a generation of activists grew up in the shadow of Mrinaltai without knowing it. He took up the question of the common man. He took up the issue of shelter, drinking water and destitute women. He touched on many such issues. His work was not limited to taking to the streets. So let’s do something constructive, let’s do something. ”

Only the Chief Minister can tell what he intends – Subhash Desai

On this occasion, Industry Minister Subhash Desai reacted to the statement made by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in Aurangabad about his grandmother, former and future colleagues. “After the Chief Minister speaks, there will be a discussion and if there is a discussion, it will not matter. Those who come with us are co-workers, now only the Chief Minister can tell them what is meant by that. There is no need to make any further sense out of it. From the distortions that are taking place in today’s politics, he has suggested a solution, it is necessary to come together for the same purpose. But, I don’t think we should come together, not politically. That’s not the point. The state government will complete the period of 5 years ”, said Subhash Desai.

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