The big news: the process of admitting women to the NDA begins; Exam to be held in the month of May!

The information was given to the Supreme Court by the Central Government.

The doors of the National Defense Academy (NDA) are open for girls. Criticizing the mentality of depriving girls of this opportunity, the court allowed them to take the NDA entrance test. The court had also directed the Central Public Service Commission (UPSC) to issue a notification in this regard. Since then, an important piece of news has come to light. For admission in NDA, women and girls will now be able to take the entrance exam in May 2022. This information was given by the Central Government in the Supreme Court today (Tuesday).

The above information was given by the Central Government in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court on the background of the petition filed for the participation of women and girls in the National Defense Academy.

The court was informed about the preparations being made by the government for the admission of women cadets in the NDA. Appropriate medical and physical fitness standards are in the process of being set, the government said. At the same time, necessary infrastructure is being created. Accommodation for male and female cadets is being provided independently and well.

NDA’s doors open for girls!

The government also said, “It would not be appropriate to relax the rules on physical training as well as firing, endurance training, field craft and ground-breaking.” It will always affect the combat capability of the armed forces. ”

The court was also told that, “Only medically fit candidates are allowed to meet the selection criteria. There are standards for male cadets, the process of creating appropriate standards for women is underway. Rules are being made keeping in mind the age and nature of the training. ”


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