The case is changing.

Chembur’s luxurious studio. The final touches on the court set that began there began to roll. Kangana sitting on one side in the circle of the director and his assistants. She started arguing about how to get into court. Then it turns out. She used to ride a horse mounted on a trolley with a sword in her hand and go in the guise of Manikarnika. As soon as the actor in the role of judge takes his place in the chair, Kangana goes to the set wielding a sword. Before she can say anything, the legal counsel present on this special set shouts, ‘Stop this. The lawsuit is defamatory. Seeing this sword will lead to the crime of death. Moreover, as he rides on horseback, the ‘Peta’ supporter will rise. Horses, swords may be made of wood, but they will not work in a real court. ‘ Everyone was stunned to hear this opinion. Kangana goes to the side of the set again and a new discussion begins. Decided. Kangana used to go in Thalayavi attire. Immediately a long-sleeved sari. Armor is ordered to be worn inside it. As soon as the reconstituted Kangana stood in the dock of the accused and said, ‘My political life started with defamation in the House’, again the advisor and her fitness trainer shouted ‘cut’. “Hey, even if your outfit is different, you want to talk about yourself, not about Jayalalithaa,” says the adviser. Then she goes down again. She annoys everyone by saying that there are so many obstacles in practice. In the end, the director, the consultant and the trainer discuss and decide. Kangana was sent in the guise of a housewife, then she goes to the set in a new outfit. Looking at the chair on the high dice and saying ‘I am Kangana, Y Plus’, the director says ‘Cut’. “What’s this Y Plus?” She says with a smile. As soon as the director instructs her not to go there, she goes on to say, ‘I am a woman. In this country, women are not respected, she said that everything falls apart. Lawsuits are filed. Our contribution to the progress of the country is unprecedented. Sulochanadidi raised children by grinding flour. Nirupa Rai worked as a bricklayer and took the children to the pinnacle of success. I came from an industry with such a legacy. I worked to introduce the bravest women in history. Still testing me. Why do you insist on attending even though you know that going anywhere depends on honorarium? This shows your prejudice. So I demand that you be changed. ‘ Kangana stops after uttering all the sentences in one go. Everyone claps. Then, after watching the filming, she goes straight to the lawyer’s office with ‘Rushes’.

The lawyer looks at all the filming carefully and finally smiles. They think that handling the cases of these celebrities is a difficult task. Without saying a word, he says to Kangana, ‘Madam, you don’t want to speak in real court. We will speak on your behalf. So you just have to stand up. The rest is a matter of changing the judge. That is what I will say. You just stand there with no expression on your face. ‘ Hearing this, Kangana whispers that the cost of filming was wasted.


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