The country’s judiciary should be ‘Indianized’ – Chief Justice

Chief Justice of India N. V. Ramana on Friday said that the country’s judiciary should be “Indianized” and noted that the colonial rules currently being followed could not meet the needs of Indians.

The Chief Justice said, “Often our delivery of justice creates many problems for the common man. The work and style of the court does not fit into the complexities of India. Our system, the study rules that are of colonial origin, may not be the most suitable for the needs of the Indian people. The Indianisation of our judiciary is a matter of concern. ” The Chief Justice was speaking at a function organized by the Karnataka State Bar Council to pay homage to the late Supreme Court Justice Mohan Mohan Shantangaudar. Is.

Also, explaining this, the Chief Justice said, “When I say Indianization, I mean the need to adapt to the practical reality of our society and localize our justice delivery system. In rural areas, for example, parties to a family dispute often feel that they have no place in court. They do not understand the argument or argument which is mainly in English, a foreign language for them. These days, decisions have become protracted, which makes the case even more difficult. The parties are forced to spend more money to understand the consequences of the court. ”

The Chief Justice insisted that the courts should be party-centric, as they are the ultimate beneficiaries. At the same time, “it is important to make the delivery of justice more transparent, easy and effective. Procedural hurdles often reduce access to justice. The common man should not be afraid to contact the courts and authorities. He should not be afraid of the judge and the court when approaching the court. He should be able to speak the truth, ”he said.

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