The court questioned Khadse’s claim of being ignorant of the transaction

Bhosari land purchase case

Mumbai: Girish Chaudhary, son-in-law of NCP leader Eknath Khadse, bought land at Bhosari in partnership with his mother-in-law Mandakini Khadse. However, the special court has questioned Khadse’s reply to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) that he did not know anything about the transaction. The court recorded the observation in the order denying bail to Chaudhary.

The allegation of giving land to his wife and son-in-law by abusing his position while he was the revenue minister is related to financial malpractice. Therefore, granting bail to the accused in such a case would send the wrong message to the law-abiding community, the court said.

While presenting Prashadbra on Khadse’s claim, the court has given evidence of his reply to the ED. Khadse had held a meeting on April 12, 2016 regarding this land. On the same day, Khadse was told that the land owner had filed a petition in the court. Despite this, Khadse’s wife and son-in-law bought the land on April 28, 2016. The land purchase was based on an advertisement published in a newspaper. The court also said that Khadse’s claim that he was ignorant of the land transaction showed that he had ignored it on purpose and for a specific reason. There are many witnesses in this case. Khadse is also the leader of one of the three ruling parties in the state. Therefore, witnesses in the case are more likely to be affected. The court said the offense was not only serious but had been decided.


Funds for this land purchase were raised in the name of non-existent companies. The court also noted that there was clear evidence of how the fund was raised. No separate legal source of income related to Chaudhary or Mandakini Khadse was disclosed for the purchase of land. This transaction was done only under the influence of Khadse’s position. It was clear that Sakruddarshani Chaudhary had committed financial misconduct. That is why he cannot be granted bail, the court said in the order.

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