The court refused to accept a copy of the speech as evidence

Rahul Gandhi’s statement about the team

Mumbai: The High Court on Monday refused to accept a copy of the speech of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who alleged that the RSS was behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi during the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign.

The accused could not be compelled to accept the evidence, said Justice Revathi Dere while dismissing the plea of ​​RSS activist Rajesh Kunte seeking a copy of Rahul’s speech as admissible evidence. Rahul had submitted a copy of the speech to the court to show that defamation could not be committed against him. However, the court also clarified that it cannot be demanded that the copy be accepted as factual evidence. In fact, the court said it was Kunte’s responsibility to prove to the lower court that a copy of Rahul’s speech was genuine.

Kunte had filed a defamation suit against Rahul in a Bhiwandi court on charges of defamation by making baseless statements against the team. Taking note of the complaint, the Bhiwandi court had ordered action against Rahul.

The decision was challenged by Rahul in the high court. During the hearing before the High Court, Rahul had submitted a copy of his speech to the court. Also BJP and Sangh were basically the same and we wanted to talk about BJP’s role in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, instead we said Sangh. But Rahul had also claimed that his statement was being shown without context.

On the same lines, Kunte had filed an application in the Bhiwandi court seeking a copy of the speech submitted by Rahul. In it, he has said that Sangh and BJP are one for him. Therefore, he has indirectly admitted to defaming the Sangh by holding the Sangh responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The Bhiwandi court, however, rejected Kunte’s application.


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