The current situation is subject to fundamental rights restrictions


Mumbai: Allowing local travel can be considered a fundamental right. But given the current situation, this right is currently subject to restrictions. The High Court on Tuesday observed that some restrictions are imposed depending on the situation and the decision should be taken by experts in the field.

The government’s decision has been challenged in the high court, claiming that the condition of taking two lasmatras to open malls and shops, including local travel, is a violation of the fundamental right to equality. Justice S. S. Shinde and Justice N. J. The petition was heard before a bench of the Jemadar on Tuesday. At that time the court reported the above observation. At the same time, considering the issues raised in the petition, was it a public interest petition? The court directed the Registrar’s Office of the High Court to take a decision in this regard and present it before the concerned bench.

At the same time, we will not comment on the merits of the petition. But many have not been vaccinated. So while the issue of fundamental rights is right, they are subject to restrictions given the current situation, the court said.

What is a petition ?.. The central government has made it clear that vaccination is optional. However, social activists Feroze Mithiborwala and Nanasaheb Doke have filed separate petitions against the government’s decision, saying that granting local travel to those who have been vaccinated is a violation of their constitutional right to equality and livelihood. The petitioners also demanded that the state government’s decision discriminating against citizens on the basis of vaccination be quashed and that all citizens of the Mumbai metropolitan region be allowed local travel while the petition is pending.

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