The curtain on students in Afghanistan

Compulsory Islamic dress at university

Following the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, there are now restrictions on women and separate seating arrangements for boys and girls. Islamic dress has also been made compulsory for them. This information was given by the Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan.

Announcing the new policy at a press conference, Minister Abdul Baki Haqqani said that boys and girls would no longer be able to sit together and get an education. They will be categorized. Meanwhile, his statement that the Taliban would behave differently from the 1990s is a fallacy. At that time, women were denied education. They could not operate independently in public life.

The Taliban has now said that we have changed our attitude towards women. But the Taliban had recently resorted to violence against women. “We don’t want to go back twenty years, so we will move on from the situation we are in today, but the girls at the university will have to face some restrictions and dress for them,” Haqqani said. Haqqani has said that the hijab will be mandatory. It is not yet clear what the full head covering is. Boys and girls cannot study together. We are opposed to co-education. The subjects being taught in the university will be reviewed. The Taliban have taken a hard line on Islam and banned art and music during the previous regime, but this is no different.

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