The debate in the Natyaparishade is on the table again

New allegations against Gadekar’s chief executive Sharad Ponkshe and Kambli

Mumbai: After receiving the letter signed by Sharad Pawar, the trustee of the Natyaparishade, Narendra Gadekar, acting as the chairman, gave a written letter to the media on Wednesday. Despite the letter stating that the trustees should implement the decisions of the special meeting of the Board of Governors held on February 18, 2021, Chief Executive Sharad Ponkshe did not take any action. Padekshe and Kambli are involved in arbitrary affairs and Gadekar has repeatedly accused K of repeatedly trampling on the events of the council.

While the dispute over the chairmanship of the All India Marathi Natyaparishade was before the Charity Commissioner, Gadekar received a letter signed by Sharad Pawar and Shashi Prabhu, trustees of the council, regarding the vacancy in the board of trustees of the council. After receiving this letter, Gadekar, acting as the chairman of the Natyaparishade, has assured that action will be taken in the next 15 days to fill the vacancies in the Board of Trustees. Gadekar also appealed to Sharad Ponkshe to co-operate as the chief executive for this on behalf of the members of the Board of Governors. Ponkshe has not held any meeting so far. Ponkshe had said that the executive committee would prove its majority in the board meeting on January 13, 2021, otherwise we would resign. However, as no action was taken on it, a special meeting of the Board of Governors was held on February 18. Prasad Kambli tried to create a legal hurdle to prevent the meeting from taking place, but the meeting did take place. In the letter, Gadekar alleged that Ponkshe was not taking any action to fill the vacancies of the Board of Trustees, despite the fact that the trustees had asked them to implement the decisions of the meeting. In this regard, he should prove that Gadekar is the president, said Sharad Ponkshe. A meeting held in November last year passed a resolution not to fill the posts until the constitution is amended. This is not the case. Any decision needs to be made by a meeting of the executive, the board of trustees and the governing body. I have the right to convene a joint meeting of these three and Gadekar has asked me to fulfill that responsibility as a caretaker. However, no such meeting was held during the Corona period as the theater was closed, Ponkshe said.

Soon meeting with trustees has not been sealed by the Charity Commissioner. Gadekar cannot officially function as president unless he receives a report of such a change of president. I do not know how Gadekar received the letter signed by Pawar even though the matter was before the Charity Commissioner. For this, a meeting will be held with the trustees soon, he said.

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