The demolition of Anil Parba’s illegal office will start from Gandhi Jayanti; Kirit Somaiya claims

The Lokayukta has ordered the demolition of Transport Minister Anil Parab’s office. BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has claimed that the Thackeray government had informed the Lokayukta in court that the construction of Parab’s office was unauthorized. Somaiya has also said that action will be taken against Parab’s office on the day of Gandhi Jayanti. Somaiya said that Parab’s office in Bandra was unauthorized and the Lokayukta had ordered the construction.

“The process was completed in June 2019 and July 2019. Ordered to demolish illegal construction. However, due to the onset of rains, construction work was stopped and later, after becoming a minister, Parbhani put pressure on Mahada, ”said Somaiya. Speaking further, Milind Narvekar, Uddhav Thackeray’s right-hand man, had to break into the bungalow and now action will be taken against his left-hander Parbhan’s office, Somaiya said. Somaiya has also said that the process of dismantling the office will start from October 2.

Earlier there was a complaint about the resort

Earlier, in a press conference held on August 30, Somaiya demanded immediate removal of Anil Parab from the cabinet and demolition of the illegal construction of his resort. “Even when Anil Parab was a minister, he built an illegal resort and paid property tax saying it was my resort. The Minister himself is carrying out illegal constructions and the Chief Minister’s family is committing the sin of saving them. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Aditya Thackeray are doing it. So, action has also been ordered against the illegal construction done by Anil Parab. How can a minister stay in the cabinet even after that? We demand immediate removal of Anil Parab from the cabinet, “said Somaiya.

Anil Parab fabricated, reported by Town Planning on October 12, 2017, after which Anil Parab built the resort. Constructed without permission, in CRZ. The forge license he had was 500 meters (5,000 feet), he built 17,800 square feet. The main point is that Anil Parab had written a letter to the Gram Panchayat on June 26, 2019, stating that the resort is mine. He himself has paid property tax for 2019-20 and 2020-21. There is a receipt in his name, the money was paid from his account. The property tax was paid on December 17, 2020, ”said Somaiya. Also, a CA officially reported to the Maharashtra government that Rs 5 crore 42 lakh 44 thousand 200 has been spent on the construction of this resort. Anil Parab has not even shown the cost of a damdi in his own account. So where did the money to build the resort come from? Sachin Waze had money in recovery? After Kirit Somaiya exposed the scam, Anil Parab sold the resort to his friend, Sadanand Kadam, for Rs 1 crore. The construction cost was 5 crore 42 lakhs and the market price was 21 crores and 1 crore as agriculture lane according to the gram panchayat. Somaiya had said so on the basis of documents.

At the same time, we have lodged a complaint against Anil Parab under the Anonymous Property Act. Money laundering has taken place. 5 crore 42 lakhs have been spent, but it has not been shown in White, so a complaint has been lodged with the ED. The Ministry of Environment is pursuing the matter in MCZ and a hearing has been started in the National Green Authority. My demand is that the ED should investigate this in money laundering, under the Anonymous Property Act. Another thing is that the minister has done illegal construction and action has been ordered against him. How can a minister stay in the cabinet even after that. We demand immediate removal of Anil Parab from the Cabinet. ” That is what Kirit Somaiya had said this time.

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