The failure of ATS that the terrorists living in Dharavi did not know? ATS chief says!

Delhi Police arrested Jan Mohammad Ali Sheikh, a resident of Mumbai’s Dharavi area, from a train in Kota. This information was given by the Delhi Police at a regular press conference. However, after this, the Maharashtra ATS came under criticism. Even though the terrorist was living in Dharavi area in Mumbai, the ATS was not aware of it and the arrest of him by the Delhi Police was criticized as a failure of the Maharashtra ATS. The ATS was also targeted by the opposition BJP. Speaking in this regard, ATS Additional Director General Vineet Agarwal has replied in a press conference.

Angry question from Vineet Agarwal

Vineet Agarwal, while giving details of the case, has raised angry questions over the allegations of ATS’s failure. “One person is the accused. He is a resident of Dharavi. He books a train ticket. He has a ticket from Mumbai Central to Nizamuddin. When the train reaches Kota, he is arrested. So how can this be an ATS failure? I don’t understand this, “said Vineet Agarwal.

“There are thousands of people on our radar. Anyone with a criminal background is on our radar. Similarly, Jan Mohammad was also on our radar. We have all the information. Jan Mohammad Dawood has been in touch with the gang for the last 20 years. However, we do not have information on this case. Any link or information about this case can only be revealed by the Delhi Police. The information we have is not always recorded as a crime. Such people are monitored, monitored. We have all the information about Jan Mohammad. But we can’t make it public. Vineet Agarwal also said this.

Mumbai terror arrest case: “Jan Mohammad never did Reiki in Mumbai”, important revelation of ATS!

“Mumbai is safe, the state is also safe”

“Mumbai is safe, the state is also safe. No weapons or their operatives have come to Maharashtra. All of them were going to Delhi from here and taking some things there. But he was arrested earlier. Only the Delhi Police can say whether the terrorists were trying to attack festivals in the state or not, ”said Dekil Vineet Agarwal.

Criticism was made by Ashish Shelar

BJP MLA Ashish Shelar had also targeted the ATS while criticizing the state government over the issue. “In Mumbai, the residence of such terrorists in Dharavi, the conspiracy was starting. He was arrested by a special squad from Delhi. Then Was the ATS in the state asleep? What were our police doing in the case of these terrorists who arrested Union ministers for unsolved crimes, told journalists not to touch them or issued lookout notices against existing MLAs in the state? ” This question was raised by Ashish Shelar.

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