The families of those who died due to corona will get Rs 50,000, the Center informed the Supreme Court

The Center informed the Supreme Court today that the families of those who died due to Kovid will get a sanagraha amount of Rs 50,000. The court was told that compensation would be paid not only for previous deaths but also for future ones. This amount will be provided by the State Government i.e. State Disaster Relief Fund. Following the directions of the Supreme Court, the NDMA has formulated guidelines on compensation. So far 3.98 lakh people in the country have lost their lives due to corona.

The government, while hearing various petitions seeking financial assistance to the families of the victims, had told the apex court that the government could not pay Rs 4 lakh each to the relatives of the deceased. The Supreme Court had also agreed with the government’s argument in this regard. The apex court had asked the government to make arrangements so that the families of the deceased could get a respectable amount.

In its affidavit on the Supreme Court notice, the government had said that 12 types of natural calamities like earthquakes and floods fall under the purview of the Disaster Act. In case of death of one of these disasters, compensation of Rs 4 lakh is promised from the State Disaster Relief Fund, but the Corona epidemic is different. The apex court had later accepted the Centre’s argument that the government should decide how much to pay to the relatives of the Kovid deceased, but should pay compensation.


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