‘The first phase of Metro 2A, 7 in January?

Testing of 11 metro trains for the route begins

Mumbai: Dahanukarwadi to Aarey on Metro 2A (Dahisar to DN Nagar) route and Dahisar to Aarey on Metro 7 (Dahisar East to Andheri East) route to be launched in October 2021. Development Authority (MMRDA). With only a few days left to reach this moment, the first phase of work has not been completed and the safety certificate is yet to be obtained. There are many other technical works left. So now the first phase on both these routes is said to start in January next year, January 2022.

MMRDA is working on 18.589 km of Metro A and 16.475 km of Metro 7. The introduction of both these metro routes will help reduce traffic congestion on the Western Expressway. Dahisar to Andheri and Dahisar to D. N. The city distance will be covered in less time. Therefore, both these routes are important for Mumbaikars and Mumbaikars are looking at when these routes will start. If both these routes are introduced, after 2014, two routes will be available to Mumbaikars. Indigenous Metro trains are being constructed in Bangalore for ‘Metro 2A’ and ‘Metro 7’ and 11 Metro trains will be required for this route. Two of these metro trains have arrived in Mumbai and are being tested.

The first test was conducted in May on Metro 2A and Metro 7 routes. It was announced that Dahanukarwadi to Aarey in Metro 2A and Dahisar to Aarey in Metro 7 will start in October 2021. With this moment now upon us, there is a great deal of work to be done. Therefore, October will be missed and the first phase will start in January 2022, MMRDA officials said. Not all metro trains have arrived yet. Work on the escalator, the metro station, is well underway. The main thing is that the safety certificate has not been received from the railways to start the metro route. While the process is complicated and time consuming, it is said that the October moment will be missed as the work has not started. The rest of the work will be completed by January 2022, officials said.

In this regard, Metropolitan Commissioner S. V. R. We are trying to get Srinivas to complete the work as soon as possible. He said that the work was expedited in that regard. But can’t the October moment be reached? Will January 2022 be a new moment? He did not comment.

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