The heaviest rainfall of the season in Beed; Many areas, including the police station, were flooded

Up to three feet of water in the police station

The return rains in Beed district, which is under water scarcity, brought torrential rains. This was the heaviest rainfall of the season for Beed district. It started to rain suddenly on Monday evening. Within hours, several urban settlements, including the Shivajinagar police station in the city, were flooded due to heavy rains.

From the beginning, the rains have turned their backs on Marathwada. The rain had disappeared after a good turnout in some areas in June. After that, it did not rain as expected in Marathwada. Meanwhile, the return rains have set foot in Marathwada. On Monday, heavy rains returned to Beed district including Parbhani and Hingol. It started raining in Beed city in the evening. Within hours, heavy rains flooded the city streets. Many urban areas in the city were flooded.

Some parts of the city of Beed were flooded to the brim. Shivajinagar police station was also flooded. The police station was flooded up to three feet. Meanwhile, the Bindusara river flowed for the first time in the entire monsoon. The sudden rise in the water level of the river had caused water to flow up to the stone bridge in the city.


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