The idol is four feet, the effect eight feet

Tactically bypassing the rule of height of Ganesha idol; Ignoring the boards from the municipality

MUMBAI: The Ganeshotsav Mandal in Mumbai has flouted the four-foot limit set by the state government on the height of Ganesh idols. The idol is kept four feet high and the impact, Ganapati’s vehicle, the surrounding view is kept eight to ten feet high. In some places, it has been observed that the height of Ganapati has been increased up to six feet. However, no action has been taken against those violating the rules.

Last year’s restrictions were imposed this year as the Coronation Period has not yet passed. The four-foot limit for the height of the idol was strictly observed last year. But this time, the height rule has been sidestepped. This is done using the ideas of the circles and the skills of the sculptors. The height of the Ganesha idol has been kept at four feet, but the height behind the throne, the Ganesha’s vehicle has been increased.

Some sculptors have tried to change the seat of an eight-foot-tall statue from the old one to four feet. But even these statues have risen to six feet high, while some circles have maintained a height of four feet and increased the width to eight to ten feet. In this, scenes, idols of various deities, mythological events have been created next to the idol of Ganesha.

“Last year we strictly adhered to these restrictions, this year we have not broken the restrictions. But when making an idol, the height of one and a half feet varies. In addition, the height of the vehicle and the impact have been increased to enhance the beauty of the idol. So that idol cannot be called a tall idol. All the restrictions are being followed by the boards, ‘says the boards.

The effect is part of the decoration. All the idols have been made keeping in view the restriction that the idol should be four feet high. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. Moreover, they can be separated from the idol and reused. Therefore, only the idol will be immersed during the immersion. Nowhere did sculptors and circles break restrictions.

-Reshma Khatu, sculptor

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