The incident in Punjab is a conspiracy of the Congress

There are many other serious flaws in the functioning of the Congress government in Punjab, which have to do with these unprecedented events.

Anil Baluni (Rajya Sabha MP, Chief National Spokesperson of BJP)

Congress blocks PM’s convoy in Punjab; Congress threatens PM’s life; Congress insults ‘Punjabiyat’; The Congress has shown the politics of hatred and animosity not only to the country but also to the world through this incident.

The recent (Wednesday, January 5, 2021) blockade of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy by protesters in Punjab must be described as the most embarrassing situation in Indian politics to date. This act of the Congress, which can do nothing against a Prime Minister elected by a majority, shows how much hatred there is in the minds of the people in this party for the Prime Minister.

According to some sources, the Punjab Police has passed on top secret information to the leaders of the Indian Farmers’ Union (IFU) that the Prime Minister will be traveling by road instead of by helicopter. Accordingly, the Indian Farmers’ Union, with the help of the local police and the administration, planned to block the convoy on the route that the Prime Minister was to take. Evidence obtained in this regard clearly shows the breach in the security arrangements of the Prime Minister. There are many other serious flaws in the functioning of the Congress government in Punjab, which have to do with these unprecedented events.

Congress is responsible

It is clear that all this was orchestrated by the highest level leadership in the Congress. First of all, the Punjab police chief has lied to the Prime Minister’s security apparatus that all this has been disinfected. Secondly, both the Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police should have been in the contingent provided for the security of the Prime Minister. But they are nowhere to be seen. Third, when the PM’s convoy was stuck on the flyover for 20 minutes, when it was time for the PM to cancel his scheduled visit, Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channy was repeatedly telephoned to give an idea of ​​the situation; But he refused to talk about it. Shortly afterwards, a senior Congress leader made a disgusting tweet. All of this in itself sheds light on the situation.

Crack people’s trust

The fact that Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, two of their leaders, as well as the Congress, which lost the former Prime Minister in a terrorist attack, should do all this has not only shocked the country but also frightened the countrymen. This day will be recorded as a black day in the history of India. This act of endangering the life of the Prime Minister, which is just a few kilometers away from the international border, shows how low the Congress has gone. The Congress government in Punjab has insulted India’s federalism. This has shattered the faith of all Indians.

PunjabiyatPut on top

Saying that it is wrong for something like this to happen, Sunil Jakhar, one of the senior leaders of Punjab Congress, expressed his sentiments in the right words. He wrote in his tweet, “This is against ‘Punjabiyat’. The Prime Minister had to make sure that the route he was going to take was safe. But this is how it happens in a democracy. ‘ ‘Punjabiyat’ is a characteristic of the people of Punjab. Punjabis are big-hearted, kind-hearted. They love and respect everyone. Punjabis have contributed to the upliftment of the country by making sacrifices. ‘Punjabiyat’ is the symbol of all that. But the Congress government has shown the country and the world what the politics of hatred and animosity is. By doing so, this government has insulted the constitution of the country. Describing the incident as “unfortunate”, former Prime Minister H.R. D. Deve Gowda said: ‘We must learn from history. We should not be complacent while protecting the supreme system of the country. ‘ His reference to the assassination of two former prime ministers underscores how the Congress government in Punjab has failed in its constitutional duty.

Modi’s mission

This incident shows how Chief Minister Channy and his seniors in the Congress forgot that the person sitting as the Prime Minister does not belong to any party but to the whole country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working towards making India a superpower and regaining the position of ‘Vishwaguru’. This mission is their goal. Development of the country is his top priority. No matter which party is in power in different states of the country, Narendra Modi’s vision is leading every state on the path of development and progress. Punjab is one of the states that has benefited the most from the Modi government’s policies and programs.

Congress’s handshake with the enemy

His visit to Punjab was another major step towards improving the state’s infrastructure. He was to visit the National Martyrs’ Memorial at Hussainiwala in memory of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. But the hatred and animosity towards Prime Minister Modi has so blinded the Congress leadership and the Channi government that they have openly joined hands with India’s enemies. Senior Congress leaders have become the propaganda tools of China and Pakistan. A recent example is the tweet by Congress ‘Yuvrajan’ about the May 2020 encounter in Galvan Valley. If the Congress does not reform itself now, the people of the country will forget them forever.

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