The JDU leader fired shots at the gym trainer on suspicion of having an affair with his wife

Dr Rajiv Kumar Singh, state vice-president of Janata Dal United’s medical cell, and his wife Khushboo have been arrested in connection with the deadly attack on a gym trainer in Patna. Dr Rajiv is accused of attacking 26-year-old gym trainer Vikram Singh along with his wife Khushboo with the intention of killing him. An FIR has been registered against Dr Rajiv and his wife Khushboo at the Kadam Kuan police station in connection with the murderous attack on a gym trainer.

The incident took place around 6 am on Saturday when Vikram was riding on a scooter on his way to his gym center in Kadam Kuan’s Buddhamurti area. Meanwhile, the perpetrators were already present at the scene to carry out the attack. He fired 5 shots at Vikram and fled. Even after taking 5 pills, Vikram somehow reached the hospital where he underwent surgery.


In a statement to the police, Vikram Singh mentioned the names of Dr Rajiv Kumar Singh and his wife Khushboo Singh. After the name of Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh came up in this case, Janata Dal United has sacked him from the post of vice president of the medical cell. Initial investigations also revealed that Vikram and Khushboo already knew each other and talked on the phone for hours.

In his statement, Vikram told police that Khushboo’s husband Dr Rajiv Kumar Singh was suspicious of their relationship and had threatened to kill Vikram in April. Police are investigating the whole case and it is believed that four to five contract killers were involved in the incident.

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