The need for financial assistance to save the lives of prisoners

Ramchandra Pratishthan

Mumbai: The ‘Ramchandra Pratishthan’ in Dadar has been working for the last five years to make positive changes in the lives of the released prisoners through competitions and counseling, and to instill in them the confidence to recover. The organization needs financial support for the personality development of the inmates, their education, their skill development as well as the education and upbringing of the children of the inmates.

Prison life is depressing. There are many good and bad thoughts in the minds of the prisoners while rounding up things like family care, remorse for what has happened. Their hopes for survival are dashed. Anxiety about whether society will accept him after his release from prison makes them uneasy. The Ramchandra Pratishthan is giving such prisoners the attitude and mental strength to start a new life positively by leaving behind all the old ones. For this, ideas are being inculcated in them through reading, writing, essay competitions.

Reading brings about change, as taught by ‘Ramchandra Pratishthan’. The characters of revolutionaries, social reformers and heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country are given to the prisoners for reading. Therefore, the determination to overcome the difficulties and depression in life is created in the prisoners. They get new perspectives and inspiration. Prisoner essay competitions are held. Through this, they get a platform to express their thoughts. They are also counseled by experts.

“Even if they are prisoners, they have the right to live as human beings. They have a different view of society. As a result, their self-confidence is low; But if their innate qualities, art and skills are given space, they can live with dignity even after getting out of jail. The purpose of Ramchandra Pratishthan is to create a process of self-esteem in them. After his release from prison, the organization has taken responsibility for his education and training. Now the organization intends to bring this work under a closed roof and set up a rehabilitation center, ” said Ashok Shinde, president of ‘Ramchandra Pratishthan’.

When a person goes to jail, his family is in turmoil. Often the question arises of raising their children. Therefore, it is important to provide physical, mental, ideological and educational support to the children of the prisoners while they are in jail.

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