The need for financial support for the preservation of literature

‘Tvashta Kasar Samaj Sanstha Vachan Mandir’

Pune: The ‘Tvashta Kasar Samaj Sanstha Vachan Mandir’ in Pune has been working for the last four and a half decades to promote reading culture. In the age of information technology, the organization is planning to computerize the library, e-library, digitization of rare books, mobile deployment of reading temples, barcodes for books and many more, for which the organization needs financial support.

The library was started on a small scale in 1911 during the British rule by some of the congregations in the copper community who are famous for making beautiful, beautiful, pottery in copper and brass metals. Fifteen to twenty years later it closed. After that, enthusiastic activists of the society started Vachan Mandir in 1977 and for the last 44 years, the organization has been run by the service-minded activists of the organization.

Updating the reading temple is now necessary. Digitization through QR codes is being experimented with as part of it. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is commonly used for digitization of libraries. However, due to its high cost, Vachan Mandir has adopted the QR code method, said Yashwant Wadke, president of the organization.

Although the library is run in a traditional way, the procedures need to be modernized. Although this is the first phase of the renovation of the Vachan Mandir, Wadke said that he is ready to implement various schemes including preservation of books and texts, e-library. After the completion of this scheme, the readers will have easy access to the information of any book in the reading temple in their mobile. Whether the book is available in the library, if not, how many days it will be available, along with the name of the book, author, publisher, book pages, price and abbreviated information of the book can also be found on mobile. If the member has come to the reading temple, he will know where the book is in the library with a single click. In addition, the organization needs funds to carry out various schemes.

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